Corner of Norfolk & Stanton Streets
Lower East Side, NYC



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31-year History

Children's Magical Garden was founded in 1982 by community activists and children in response to the crime that was plaguing the Lower East Side. The community garden was built on a vacant corner lot adjacent to two schools. The kids and community gardeners chased the drug dealers off of the corner. The community garden's mission was to create a safe environment for the neighborhood's children to play and to learn about nature. The founders were very concerned that local children did not have access to parks, enough trees, or programs to learn about nature and get their hands into clean soil.

The community garden has provided free mentorship to local children for thirty years, with a particular emphasis on nature based experiential learning for children aged 2-18. Teenagers who have grown up in the garden are now learning leadership skills to teach younger children about composting, growing vegetables, caring for fruit trees, and the cycles of the seasons. The membership and present board directors have moved on to create a 501c3 and are presently working with all city and state representatives in making the community garden permanent.